Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crazy Dayzzzz part 2

So this afternoon I have explored Marvel and worked my way through slideshare. I'll start with slideshare first. I actually missed the audio that we found in a number of the other tools we used. I can see that value of having students create and then share their presentations using this tool, yet I do have to wonder if using IMovie would give you the same affect. I say that because Megan used IMovie for our presentation on opening day. It started with slides and then was put to music. I found this to be an appealing way to present the information to people.

Marvel on the other hand, if you can narrow your search, looks like a great place to get information. Where else are you able to access articles, journals, and books in one place. I can see the value of using this tool on a regular basis and hope to have some time to start searching and connecting to my RSS.

1 comment:

  1. Slideshare does seem less robust than other tools to me, too. We have had some adult students who were really high on it, though.

    Marvel is a great tool to introduce to middle school kids. Imagine how it will help in high school and college!